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نسخه نهایی بیسیک فور اندروید ۸ به همراه کرک اختصاصی
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نسخه نهایی بیسیک فور اندروید ۸ به همراه کرک اختصاصی

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خدمت کاربران عزیز وب سایت یاهو ۹۸ YAHOO


امروز براتون آخرین نسخه ریلیز شده بیسیک فور اندروید ۸ رو براتون مهیا کرده ایم از سایت مرجع همرا با کرک اختصاصی

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As explained in this tutorial, all apps will soon need to target sdk version 26 (Android 8). This is a new policy of Google and it has many consequences for app developers. Many of the improvements in B4A v8.0 help developers with this task.


  • The process of starting the app from the background was rewritten to comply with targetSdkVersion 26 requirements.
  • Push notifications and other features that cause apps to start from the background should be more reliable due to changes in the way services are started. A wake lock is automatically held when a receiver receives an intent. The wake lock is released when the service starts.
  • Automatic foreground mode:
  • Notification object rewritten to work with targetSdkVersion 26. In most cases you don’t need to change anything. Notification.SetInfo or Notification.SetInfo2 should be the last calls before you show the notification.
  • Notification.SetInfo / SetInfo2 accept CharSequences so it can work with CSBuilder.
  • StartServiceAt / StartServiceAtExact rewritten to work with targetSdkVersion 26 and they are now more reliable.
  • Notification.Initialize2 – Allows to set the notification channel importance level.
  • Better support for AAR libraries: jni folders (native libraries) are handled properly, assets and resources from internal jars are added to the project.
  • #AdditionalJar with ReferenceOnly – Allows referencing jars that are only used as a reference during compilation. This is required for more complex libraries such as DJI library.
  • Signing key size is explicitly set to avoid issues with newer versions of Java.
  • B4A Sdk Manager v3.25 – Bug fixes and support for Google based AVDs.
  • Screenshot tool modified to work with latest versions of Android SDK.
  • MediaPlayer.IsInitialzied method.
  • Manifest editor macros – Macros can be added to libraries or zip files. For example to set a light theme based on Android version:

    Unless you are setting a custom theme then it is recommended to use either Themes.LightTheme or Themes.DarkTheme.

    Firebase push notifications:


  • Custom class templates – Class templates can be added to libraries.
    For example if you add the XUI library to your project then you will have an option to add a custom view based on XUI:[​IMG]Libraries can include multiple templates and any library can include templates.
  • #SignKeyAlias attribute – Allows overriding the default signing key alias.
  • Firebase, xCustomListView and KeyValueStore (2) are internal libraries.
  • Libraries deprecation messages in the IDE:[​IMG]
  • Fix for a very long standing issue where the activity code could have been executed while the activity is paused which leads to a hard to reproduce NullPointerException.
  • BADoclet (tool to generate libraries XML) v1.07 – adds support for custom class templates.
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Backward compatibility notes

  • Notification.SetInfo or SetInfo2 should be the last calls before you use the notification. Note that standard notifications created with previous versions of B4A will not work at all on Android 8+ when targetSdkVersion is 26+.
  • Adding a service, other than the Starter service, will add the WAKE_LOCK permission. This is a non-dangerous permission.
    As mentioned above a wake lock is held automatically when a service is started from the background and until Service_Start is called. You can remove this permission with:


    Everything will still work, however the service might fail to start from the background in some cases.

Developers eligible for a free upgrade should receive an email with upgrade instructions. Other developers will receive a renewal offer.


basic4android 8




برای کرک کافیه فایل های کنار exe رو در محل نصب بریزید.


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یاهو 98 YAHOO طراح انواع اپلیکیشن های پزش| تخصص ماست .

وبسایت و فروشگاه یاهو 98 تابع قوانین جمهوری اسلامی ایران و سایت ساماندهی پایگاه های اینترنتی است و نهایت همکاری را با کارگروه تعیین مصادیق محتوای مجرمانه خواهد داشت ، در صورت گزارش این کارگروه محتویات یا صفحه مورد نظر مسدود یا اصلاح خواهد شد !

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